We Believe Your Network is Your Net Worth

Relationships are never between a building or a logo; they're always between individuals. Most business professionals understand the strategic value of their relationships. Regrettably, for most of us our contacts are scattered, incomplete, seldom updated, and many at the risk of becoming neglected. Extend these challenges to a team and the organization to realize that businesses of every size from startups to Fortune 500 leave money and opportunities on the table. 

Our mission is to help individuals, teams, and enterprises identify, build, nurture, sustain, and capitalize on their long-term, value-based relationships.


David Nour
Chief Executive Officer

A senior leadership/board advisor, educator, executive coach, and bestselling author, David Nour is internationally recognized as the leading expert on applications of strategic relationships in profitable growth, sustained innovation, and lasting change.

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Jenn Cordz
Chief Technology Officer

A technologist, digital advisor, RevOps leader, professional athlete, and board member, Jenn Cordz brings her global clients over two decades of experience to enable their strategic growth through technology and digital transformation. 

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Avnir believes that your network is your net worth. Leveraging AI to harness decades of Relationship Ecnomics® insights, we help sellers organize, activate, and monetize known and hidden relationships.

Avnir believes that your network is your net worth.
With AI harnessing decades of Relationship Economics® insights, we help professionals organize, activate, and monetize known and hidden relationships.

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Avnir, Formerly The Nour Group is a Strategic Advisory firm that works with Fortune 500 companies to focus on intelligent and profitable growth.

Celebrating Our Past. Managing Our Present. Inventing Our Future.

Two decades of a fundamental belief that relationships are a critical success factor. Although Avnir may be a fairly new entity, our legacy dates back to the early 2000s, when our founder and CEO, David Nour, left his corporate sales leadership and consulting roles to launch The Nour Group, Inc., an advisory firm with a singular mission: Business relationships should be more intentional, quantifiable, and thus strategic in every organization.

As a student of business relationships, our team has focused on creating unique intellectual property on the strategic value of business relationships. We've shared our insights in over 400 published articles, twelve commercial books, an estimated 50 keynotes annually, 200 plus advisory engagements, hundreds of executives and their leadership teams coached, and countless training and development programs.

More recently, the addition of Jenn Cordz to The Nour Group leadership team has expanded our capabilities to include revenue operations (RevOps) and go-to-market (GTM) digital advisory services. The battle-tested Relationship Economics® methodology powering the Avnir Generative AI platform is a culmination of our work with global companies, industry associations, and academic forums, managing complex relationships.

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The power of your people and their relationships.

We're in the midst of a dramatic shift. Professionals who were taught early in their careers to stay at one company are now redefining their success from one job to the next, with flex work and side hustles at an accelerated rate. They increasingly feel like expendable assets vs. invaluable members and, as such, are constantly exploring bigger and better opportunities.

No organization owns its people. Companies are simply renting/leasing individual talent, capabilities, competencies, and relationships for the duration of their work together. It is the leaders' role to maximize individual assets to create enterprise value in an increasingly shorter cycle. Companies are stuck in a constant cycle of attracting, retaining, and replacing talent, which impacts productivity, revenue, and morale.

Beyond an educational foundation and a professional pedigree, relationships are an individual's greatest IP. Avnir provides individuals, teams, and enterprises with the tools and guidance necessary to show respect, privacy, and gratitude for the relationships of their people.

We are fundamentally in the relationship business. Critical to our success will be a tribe of like-minded professionals who pride themselves in their relationships and have created measurable success through their relationships.

Intellectual curiosity about what makes business relationships work, thrive, and create an extraordinary return on relationship investments drives every facet of our business - from our strategy to the product roadmap and go-to-market motions.

Join us to learn more about our thought leadership in Relationship Economics®.

The promise of our people.

Who knows, you could feel an enormous pride in knowing that your contributions help individuals create exponential success and live happier, more prosperous lives. Avnir is an amazing place. We offer a chance to make a difference, an opportunity to be heard, and a place to get things done alongside the best and brightest. 

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Our founding story.

Our founder, David Nour, came to the US with $100, limited family ties, and no fluency in English. Over the past four decades, he attributes every measure of his success to his relationships. Blessed to be coached, mentored, and guided by a loving family, passionate educators, incredible managers, leaders, and executives throughout his career, Nour amassed the research and case studies to drive his thought leadership and global work on Relationship Economics®. 

He has witnessed his share of poor relationship development skills, knowledge, and behaviors by individuals, teams, and organizations of varying sizes and countless industries.

Over the years, he has been searching for a solution to not only curb today's lackluster relationship development skills by many professionals but also bring a renewed commitment to long-term investments in value-based relationships. Today, he's embarked on a mission to find out what professionals need to more proactively, intently, and strategically manage the relationships for an extraordinary return.

Passionate about fantastic relationships, he's approaching a core audience of P&L leaders to understand better their pervasive, urgent, and costly relationship development pains. All are responding with, 'love what you're building; when can we use it?' The overwhelmingly positive response to our early efforts is what fuels Nour to lead Avnir through its early growth phase. 

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Core Values & Pillars of Success

Our company stands for these fundamental beliefs. These are the ethical, moral, and emotional rocks on which we have built and continue to build our company.

  1. WIT - Whatever It Takes: Within legal and ethical boundaries, we will do whatever it takes to create and deliver material value for our customers, partners, investors, and team.

  2. OPF - Organize, Prioritize, Focus: We will govern ourselves with the utmost organization, prioritization, and focus necessary to deliver on our commitments.

  3. C3 - Clear, Concise Communication: We realize that relationships are based on trust, which can only come from clear, concise communication. This will allow us to collaborate impactfully, make difficult decisions, and solve complex challenges and opportunities.

  4. TPA - Transparent, Proactive, Async: We will be transparent in our actions and proactive in articulating our intentions. Although we are a globally remote organization, we will align expectations asynchronously to avoid opportunities for miscommunication, mistrust, and misunderstandings.

  5. QIP - Quality, Iterative, Progressive: We pledge our commitment to quality in every work product we create, deliver, and share with our stakeholders. We understand that our work will always be iterative, creating opportunities to learn, improve, and elevate our work progressively.

  6. LCR - Learn, Constructive, Respectful: We don’t fail; we have learning moments - every day. Our comments, objections, and pushbacks will always be constructive, respective, and forward-moving. We challenge assumptions and assertions, and never individuals.

  7. IOU - Integrity, Own It, Understanding: We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity. We own our mistakes, missteps, and misspoken circumstances and always seek understanding from others. We assume good intent in all we engage.

  8. CBD - Creativity, Brand, Deliver: We will employ human ingenuity to solve problems creatively, always serve as ambassadors of our brand, and deliver progress without letting perfection get in the way.

  9. RE1 - Relationships First: Relationships are why we’re in business and fundamentally at the core of everything we do. We will always aim to build great relationships within and external to our organization with kindness, grace, and emotional courage. This does not mean we don’t feel angry, frustrated, or disappointed; we simply create the space to separate what we feel from what we think, say, and do.

  10. ONE - Opp Excellence, Needs-Based, Exceptional Experiences: We will create an operationally excellent company driven by a needs-based approach to our customers, partners, investors, and team and commit to creating an exceptional experience with everyone we encounter.