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Astute sellers realize that identifying, nurturing, and sustaining their relationships are the most important part of selling. They also find it to be the most enjoyable part of the job. 

Selling has been harder this past year than before. As prospects do more of their own research before engaging a rep, research shows that reps are spending more time on administrative and other non-sales activities than actually selling.

Avnir's mission is to help sellers proactively manage their relationships so they can sell more, sell more profitably, and sell more efficiently. Join us for our Relationship Economics® First (RE1) Summit to amplify how you use the Avnir Relationship Economics® Platform and get an early glimpse into our vision and product roadmap moving forward. 

Relationship Economics® Summit (RES'24)

The Annual Relationship Economics® Summit provides an invaluable opportunity to meet and network in an environment conducive to advancing executive relationships. We aim to create more conversations and fewer presentations on fundamental challenges and opportunities leaders face in the post-pandemic world, including intentional positioning, consistent customer acquisition, relentless execution, actionable metrics, adaptive leadership, frictionless technology, defensible profitability, and personal/professional growth as a leader.

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Next-Up Leaders | October 14-16, 2024
Senior Executives | October 16-18, 2024

Relationship Economics® First (RE1)

October 7-9, 2024

Discover fresh perspectives on B2B enterprise relationships! Join engaging discussions led by industry experts. Gain insights into strategic relationship identification, proactive nurturing, value-based sustaining, Ideal Relationships Profiles (IRP), Account-Based Relationships (ABR), Relationship Signature Index (RSI), and innovative relational insights benchmarking. Elevate your approach with meaningful conversations and actionable strategies. Don't miss this opportunity to reshape your enterprise selling game!

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Avnir believes that your network is your net worth. Leveraging AI to harness decades of Relationship Ecnomics® insights, we help sellers organize, activate, and monetize known and hidden relationships.

Avnir believes that your network is your net worth.
With AI harnessing decades of Relationship Economics® insights, we help professionals organize, activate, and monetize known and hidden relationships.

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