The Relationship Economics® Platform Activates Hidden Relationship Value

Two decades of strategic relationship insights, infused into AI, ready to be put to work.

Most professionals’ relationship portfolios are untapped assets.  Why?

  • They’re disorganized across emails, calendars, LinkedIn, CRM, text, and dozens of sources.
  • They’re dormant and unactivated because it’s impossible to keep track of and contextualize.
  • They’re not understood in the context of your goals, and money is left on the table.

Avnir harnesses the value in your hidden relationships, ensuring your network’s potential is realized in achieving your goals.

Relationship Map™

With your relationships organized and always up-to-date, it’s time to activate them systemically. Now, looking at your Relationship Bank and understanding your goals, your AI personal assistant will suggest highly customized and personalized communication investments, the foundation of strategic relationships done right.

Welcome to Relationship Map.

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Activate your network with an AI personal assistant with a Ph.D. in Relationship Economics®.

Relationship Bank™

Organize your network with an integrated view across all contact sources.

We all know more people than we think. The challenge is that we’re not good at maintaining up-to-date contact information. Without intending to, our default mode leans toward losing touch with past clients, colleagues, and partners. The ability to have your most valuable relationships up-to-date, organized, synchronized, and prioritized is essential to success.

Welcome to the Relationship Bank.

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Avnir believes that your network is your net worth. Leveraging AI to harness decades of Relationship Ecnomics® insights, we help sellers organize, activate, and monetize known and hidden relationships.

Avnir believes that your network is your net worth.
With AI harnessing decades of Relationship Economics® insights, we help professionals organize, activate, and monetize known and hidden relationships.

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Relationship Plan™

Monetize your team’s network with advanced relationship mapping tools.

Your account teams orchestrate individual relationships. Too often, these relationships are hidden in most organizations. Enter Relationship Plan. By understanding your entire team’s relationship portfolio in the context of broader organizational goals, we activate the right relationships to maximize account and opportunity performance.

Welcome to Relationship Plan.

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