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On a weekly basis, the Avnir team contributes blog posts focused on strategic relationship development of processes, capabilities and tech stack. Our teams deep domain expertise in Relationship Economics® combined with our GenAI-enabled platform will help you drive or accelerate your performance, execution and results. Jump in to share your comments, repost any of our insights, or inquire how to contribute to the discussion. 

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Over the past two decades, our team has become a steadfast student of business relationships. How they work, why they don't, and how to fix, elevate, enhance, and amplify them. In short, it bridges relationship creation with capitalization. Below, you'll find a sampling of our resources: 

Avnir believes that your network is your net worth. Leveraging AI to harness decades of Relationship Ecnomics® insights, we help sellers organize, activate, and monetize known and hidden relationships.

Avnir believes that your network is your net worth.
With AI harnessing decades of Relationship Economics® insights, we help professionals organize, activate, and monetize known and hidden relationships.

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